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A voice for magnetism in Europe

The European Magnetism Association (EMA) promotes the development of magnetism and magnetic materials in Europe. Key actions are the organization of JEMS and ESM (European School of Magnetism), and dissemination and information activity through the web site magnetism.eu/ and a monthly newsletter.
The EMA is supporting the attendance to JEMS2019 of twelve students by waiving their registration fee.


We enable PVD of advanced functional materials such as piezoelectrics (AlN, AlScN, PZT), magnetics (FeCoB, NiFe, CoZrTa) and photoresistors (VOx) on our CLUSTERLINE® and LLS EVO II platforms. From R&D to high volume manufacturing – we support  industry and academia with modular and expandable concepts. Combinations of single substrate modules with batch type dynamical setups allow the integration of laminated stacks as well as sophisticated optical interference designs on wafer level.


Höganäs is the pioneer and world leader in metal powders. We know our products and services can improve resource efficiency and inspire our customers to do more with less.

We work closely with our customers and their customers to develop tomorrow’s solutions for automotive components, brazing, electrical motors, surface coating, additive manufacturing and water treatment.

LOT-QuantumDesign group is a leading European distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components. The group offers components and systems used among others in solid state physics, material sciences, molecular magnetism and nanotechnology.

Within our product range we like to highlight the SQUID Magnetometer from Quantum Design, the Kerr Magnetometer from Durham Magneto Optics, the AC Susceptometer from RISE and the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer inside the PPMS.







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Uppsala University


Uppsala Municipality

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Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials