List of symposia

  1. Biomagnetism and medical applicationsSymposium organizers: Nora Dempsey, Myriam Pannetier-Lecoeur and Daniel Ortega

    This symposium is devoted to advances in bio-magnetism and bio-applications of magnetic fields and magnetic materials, proposed as solutions for bio-detection/diagnosis/prognosis and for therapy/treatment. While some aspects are specific to the problem and technique, some others are transverse, like synthesis, characterization, toxicity, standardization and functionalization.

  2. Electronic structure and strongly correlated electron systems including superconductivity Symposium organizers: Olle Eriksson, Yaroslav Kvashnin and Silvia Picozzi

    The symposium is devoted to experimental and theoretical electronic structure studies of strongly correlated electron systems, including also novel interactions and phenomena at ferromagnet/superconductor interfaces.

  3. Frustrated and disordered magnetism, artificial spin iceSymposium organizers: Laura Heyderman, Vassilios Kapaklis and Tom Fennel

    This symposium is devoted to studies of frustrated and disordered magnetism, including classical and quantum spin liquids, spin ice, and spin glasses, realized in condensed matter or in magnetic metamaterials.

  4. Magnetism in carbon-based and organic materials Symposium organizers: Valentin Dediu and Mirko Cinchetti

    This symposium is devoted to studies of spin related phenomena in carbon-based and organic materials, including graphene, organic semiconductors and multilayered systems and devices.

  5. Magnetorecording media, magnetic memories and magnetic sensorsSymposium organizers: Peter Svedlindh, Manfred Albrecht and Gaspare Varvaro

    This symposium is devoted to studies relating to new concepts of magnetic memories, various trends in magnetic recording and magnetic field sensors.

  6. Magnetic thin films, multilayers, surface and interfacesSymposium organizers: Dino Fiorani, Francesca Casoli and Pedro Algarabel

    This symposium is devoted to experimental and theoretical studies of static and dynamic properties observed in magnetic thin films and heterostructures. The properties include, but are not limited to, magnetic ordering, magnetic anisotropy, interlayer coupling and spin–orbit effects. The symposium also focuses on the development of new thin film and interface materials, where low-dimensionality or interface effects are exploited to engineer the materials behavior.

  7. Magnetism in alloys and intermetallics Symposium organizers: Peter Svedlindh, Martin Häggblad Sahlberg and Mogens Christensen

    This symposium covers experimental and theoretical investigations of magnetism in alloys and intermetallics.

  8. Novel magnetic techniques Symposium organizers: Michael Coey, Agustina Asenjo and Etienne Snoeck

    This symposium covers advanced magnetic techniques including high resolution magnetic imaging, high sensitivity magnetometry techniques and time-resolved methods like: atom-sized magnetic field sensor using NV centers in a diamond tip, transmission electron microscopy based methods (Electron Holography and Lorentz Microscopy), scanning probe microscopies (high resolution magnetic force microscopy, spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy, Magnetic exchange force microscopy, Scanning SQUID Magnetometer) ultrafast time resolved experiments (spectroscopy  and soft x-ray magnetic circular dichroism),  and synchrotron based techniques as XMCD-PEEM.

  9. Materials for energy (permanent magnets, magnetocalorics and soft magnetic materials) Symposium organizers: Michael Coey, Victorino Franco and Ekkes Brück

    This symposium is devoted to studies of magnetic materials focused on energy applications, and energy efficiency of devices.

  10. Micromagnetics and magnetization processesSymposium organizers: Oksana Chubykalo-Fesenko, Mykola Dvornik and Felipe Garcia-Sanchez

    This symposium is devoted to recent trends in micromagnetic modeling (novel theoretical implementations and applications to recent experimental results) and will be open to the development towards multi-scale modelling.

  11. Nanomaterials, patterned films, nanoparticles and molecular magnetismSymposium organizers: Dino Fiorani, Davide Peddis and Miguel Novak

    This symposium is devoted to experimental and theoretical studies of magnetic nanostructured materials such as nanoparticles, molecular nanomagnets, mesocrystals (2D and 3D nanoparticle superstructures), heterostructures (e.g. nanocomposites, bimagnetic core-shell) and patterned films. The symposium also focuses on the design of new nanostructured materials prepared using both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

  12. Spin-orbit and topology driven phenomena Symposium organizers: Oksana Chubykalo-Fesenko, Pietro Gambardella and Nicolas Reyren

    This symposium is devoted to advances relating to magnetism and spin transport in topological systems and materials with strong spin-orbit coupling. The focus will be on topological magnetic textures, such as chiral domain walls and skyrmions, as well as on the interplay between magnetism and topological states, including proximity effects, spin-to-charge conversion and spin torques. This incorporates also the design of spin-orbit torques and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions to optimally stabilize and manipulate these structures.

  13. Magneto-optics and magnetoplasmonics Symposium organizers: Johan Åkerman, Alexandre Dmitriev and Peter Oppeneer

    This symposium is devoted to light-controlled dynamic phenomena in magnetic systems, including the confinement of light to the nanoscale with magnetoplasmonics and magneto-nanophotonics. The subjects in magnetically-operated nano-optics will also be covered.

  14. Multifunctional magnetic materials: magnetic shape memory materials, multiferroics including artificial/composite multiferroics, and perovskites Symposium organizers: Franca Albertini, Xavier Moya and Mehmet Acet

    This symposium is devoted to studies of magnetism in complex oxides, including phenomena at oxide interfaces, and magnetoelectric effects in single-phase or composite multiferroic materials. The symposium is also devoted to studies of magnetic shape memory alloys, magnetoelastic effects related to strong magnon-phonon coupling, and materials with other multifunctional properties.

  15. Spin waves, magnonics, ultrafast magnetization dynamics and optically driven spin excitations Symposium organizers: Burkard Hillebrands, Ronny Knut and Dirk Grundler

    This symposium is devoted to studies of linear and non-linear spin wave phenomena, including excitation, propagation, manipulation, amplification and detection of spin waves as well as studies focusing on magnonic applications and spin waves in non-collinear spin structures.

    Ultrafast spin dynamics and optically driven spin excitations are also part of this symposium, including experiments and theory on all-optical switching of magnetization as well as phenomena such as spin Seebeck effect, the spin Hall effect, spin transfer torque, and magnetoresistance effects triggered by ultrashort optical pulses.

  16. Magnetotransport, spintronics, spin orbitronics and spin caloritronics Symposium organizers: Johan Åkerman, Ankit Kumar and Gerrit Bauer

    This symposium is devoted to spintronic materials, heterostructures and  devices, including magnetic tunnel junctions, spin transfer torque oscillators, and neuromorphic systems.  The symposium also covers the interaction between spin currents and magnetic moments in ferro-, ferri- and antiferromagnetic materials as well as spin dependent thermal transport  phenomena.