List of symposia

  1. Biomagnetism and medical applications
  2. Electronic structure and strongly correlated electron systems including superconductivity
  3. Frustrated and disordered magnetism, artificial spin ice
  4. Magnetism in carbon-based and organic materials
  5. Magnetorecording media, magnetic memories and magnetic sensors
  6. Magnetic thin films, multilayers, surface and interfaces
  7. Magnetism in alloys and intermetallics
  8. Novel magnetic techniques
  9. Materials for energy (permanent magnets, magnetocalorics and soft magnetic materials)
  10. Micromagnetics and magnetization processes
  11. Nanomaterials, patterned films, nanoparticles and molecular magnetism
  12. Spin-orbit and topology driven phenomena
  13. Magneto-optics and magnetoplasmonics
  14. Multifunctional magnetic materials: magnetic shape memory materials, multiferroics including artificial/composite multiferroics, and perovskites
  15. Spin waves, magnonics, ultrafast magnetization dynamics and optically driven spin excitations
  16. Magnetotransport, spintronics, spin orbitronics and spin caloritronics.