Travel to Uppsala

The international airport is situated between Uppsala and Stockholm. 17 million people travel via Stockholm-Arlanda Airport every year, 50 000 do it daily. The airport offers 170 destinations worldwide and 70 airlines.

Buses and trains run frequently (every 15 minutes) directly from the airport to Uppsala city centre and the trip takes only 20 minutes by train and about 40 minutes by bus. Cost for a transfer is about 10 Euro per person.

Uppsala has a small city centre and most of the hotels are within walking distance from the train and bus station. There are also taxis available at the station. You can go by taxi straight from the airport to your hotel in Uppsala for approximately 50 Euro.

There are also commuting trains to Stockholm main station that leave Uppsala every hour almost around the clock. Furthermore, Stockholm is the destination for long distance high speed trains. For instance, coming from Copenhagen, Uppsala can be reached within about six hours by train.

Walking distance from Uppsala central station to the conference venue: 5 minutes.

Approximate travel costs in Euros with Scandinavian airlines (roundtrip Stockholm/Arlanda airport)

Economy class including taxes, fees and charges) are presented in the table below. In addition to this there are also two low fare airline airports within a distance of 170 km from Uppsala.